Good Vibrations Radio®. Tools for Transformation, April 4, 2021

In Good Vibrations Radio® Solarzar shares tips, tools and techniques to help the listeners change the vibrational frequency of their lives.

As the Second Quarter of 2021 begins Solarzar was joined by Kyralani, alchemist, energetic healer and expert in Vibrational Numerology, Palmistry and Tarot.

Kyralani shared her insights for the months of April, May and June. Solarzar shared the Tarot cards for those months and offered astrological insights into the month of April.

This conversation replaced much of the missed guidance from the March 26th Quarterly Preview which was cancelled. 

Good Vibrations Radio® will be back May 7th, 2021. Continue to listen to learn how to navigate the energy of Aquarius, in this Age of Aquarius

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