Good Vibrations Radio®, June 26, 2016

In Good Vibrations Radio® Solarzar shares tips, tools and techniques to help the listeners change the vibrational frequency of their lives.

Solarzar Speaks with Wendie Colter, Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyent and Master Healer. Wendie shared detailed explanations of the Medical Intuitive process and how it is distinguished from the Medical Healing process.  Wendie offers a unique training for all practitioners, including doctors, nurses, energy healers, massage therapists, psychologists, chiropractitors, social workers and more, who are interested in being more aware of what is going on with their patients/clients. Anyone interested in their own health would benefit from listening to this conversations. For more information about Wendie's courses, her consulting services or the free guided meditations she offers, you can visit her web site at  

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Replays are only available on-line for up to six months from the date of the broadcast.

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